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Your Source for Materials Handling News, Information and Specials
Your Source for Materials Handling News, Information and Specials
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Feature Article
Avoiding the Flu Like the Plague
Few things can cripple productivity like the flu, and the season is upon us. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people contract the flu, and the costs mount for them and your operation.
Find out what the flu really costs us and how we can work to limit its effect on our material handling operations this season. Read more…
Product Focus
Is it Time for Your Warehouse to “Grow Up?”
MAXIMIZE your floor space with this new product from Landoll. Reduce your double deep aisles from 11 1/2′ down to 8′, Resulting in a 20% gain in pallet storage. Learn more about this new Bendi unit or see the video.

Lift heights are available up to 420″. For customers that have lift heights below 240″, this unit (B40AC-DR) will also work with their docks, resulting in only one unit needed for dock to rack applications. For more information, please contact us at 888-865-2083.
Everything You Need for Your Warehouse at the Click of a Mouse
The Products You Use Everyday, in One Location
Our online catalog is filled with all the products that you use every day to keep your warehouse and material handling operation moving efficiently.

From bins and containers to safety products and shipping supplies, our online catalog has thousands of products for you to shop and purchase at the click of a mouse. Visit our online catalog and start saving today.
New Equipment Specials
NEW CLARK C25 Centennial Edition
  • 5,000lb. Capacity
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • 189″ Triple-Stage Mast and 42″ Forks
  • Back-up Alarm and Amber Strobe
  • Custom Embossed Centennial Seat
  • 2-Year, 4,000 Hour Total Warranty
  • 3-year, 6,000 Hour Major Component Warranty
* 72 month FMV lease with approved credit. Plus tax and delivery. 1,500 hours per year, normal clean operation. Offer limited and can expire any time. Must include dealer Planned Maintenance agreement for term of lease. Does not include LP tank. Contact your local MHI branch for details or call 888-865-2083.
NEW Linde 1319 (HT25CT)
  • 5,000lb Capacity with Solid Pneumatic Tires
  • 2.5L Engine
  • 186″ Triple Stage Mast with Load Backrest and 42″ Forks
  • Strobe and Back-up Alarm
  • Non-Marking Cushion Tires
*Monthly rate based on 72 month lease with approved credit and 1500 hours per year. Normal, clean operation. Restrictions apply. Contact us at 888-865-2083 for more information on this offer .
New Komatsu BX50 Cushion or Pneumatic
Limited time offer on Komatsu’s heart-of-the-line BX50 with Komatsu’s K-Cap Industry Leading Warranty.

  • 5,000lb Capacity
  • Nissan K21 LP Engine
  • Solid Pneumatic or Non-Marking Cushion Tires
  • 188.5″ Triple-Stage Mast with 48″ LBR
  • 42″ Forks with Side Shifter
  • Back-up Alarm & Strobe Light
BX50 – Cushion – $268/mo.*
BX50 – Pneumatic – $284/mo.*
*72 month FMV lease, with approved financing. 1,500 hours per year. Must accompany PM agreement for length of lease. Rates do not include tax, delivery or LP tank, and can change at any time. Offer only available at Dalton and Gainesville, GA and Chattanooga, TN. Download flyer for all the details.
Industry News and Information
Industry 4.0 is “Out of the Barn”
Industry 4.0—incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) into intelligent industrial machines—is set to transform the fulfillment process, greatly boosting visibility, efficiency and accuracy of shipments, and in turn, customer satisfaction and everyone’s bottom line. Read more at MHI.

UPS Joins Alliance to Create Blockchain Standards for Logistics
UPS said it sees the need to create industry standards and protocols to enable blockchain platforms to operate together with established technologies. Read more about blockchain and its future in logistics at Supply Chain Digital.

Big Rigs that Don’t Run on Diesel? They’re Already Here
Tesla Inc. will unveil its electric Tesla semi-truck Nov.16th in Southern California. It’s all part of CEO Elon Musk’s “Master Plan Part Deux” in which he vowed to expand the company’s lineup to “cover the major forms of terrestrial transport.” Expect another late-night party stocked with friends and fans, potential Tesla semi customers, and state and local elected officials. Read more at Transport Topics.

US Seeks Restrictions on Mexican Trucking Under NAFTA
The U.S. has proposed another difficult change to the North American Free Trade Agreement that could eventually restrict long-haul Mexican truckers from operating in the country, according to people familiar with the discussions. Read more at Bloomberg.

Regular Maintenance = Safer Fleets
It may seem odd to have a maintenance article under a safety heading, but after more than three decades managing forklift fleets, we have found that the safest equipment is regularly maintained by trained professionals. Our technicians are professionals at maintaining and servicing all makes and models, and our program will reduce your downtime and improve your safety, which all leads to a healthier bottom line for your business. Learn more about MHI’s Planned Maintenance Plus program.
Featured Pre-Owned Unit
2012 CLARK C25D

* Plus tax and delivery. For more information on this lift truck, please contact us at 888-865-2083. To see all our pre-owned forklifts please visit our inventory.
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